Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation Organization


Starting altruistic venture from the Prince Real Estate is almost 1,000,000 US dollars; A cause sum dependent on $2 per square meter of each square meter sold in the Group's properties will be given to the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation all things considered regarding the Group's property project income; Donations by friendly associations and other empathy public to extend magnanimous asset pool, with good cause reserve gathered through cooperation with partner associations and social asset platforms, advancing cause bit by bit consistently; Voluntary foundation gifts by workers. Sticks to its point of "Being devoted to the public cause, pushing corporate obligation, and advancing social amicability and progress", supported by the Prince Real Estate Group, the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation Organization centers around friendly government assistance projects, including city improvement and natural assurance with its expanding consideration on dropout kids, the impaired, and the forlorn old. This public-non-public asset was started with almost 1,000,000 dollars' beginning up speculation by the Chen Zhi prince group, the business income of which properties is regarding the Foundation. Then, gifts from gatherings of people and sympathy public from varying backgrounds are offering impulse to good cause ceaselessly. 


Each care bundle contained 25 kilograms of rice, one tangle, one cover, two cushions, one mosquito net, and one Khmer Krama (customary scarves woven in the open country). It will be the first of numerous efforts to help the nearby local area, particularly as Prince Group imagine a significant job for occupants in the advancement of the seaside project. Upon finishing, Ream City means to house up to 130,000 inhabitants and will possibly bring lodging domains, themed shopping centers, schools, and medical clinics, carrying a lift to the neighborhood economy. Prince Group has zeroed in on furnishing things to assist inhabitants with their day-by-day needs when rustic Cambodians are confronting impressive economic challenges. "We are not kidding about drawing in with nearby networks and building up a decent connection with them - they are key partners for the Ream City project. 


Accordingly, Prince Group will examine the attainability of building up medical services dispensaries for the neighborhood local area. Ream City will prompt generous work opportunities for Cambodians and backing the development of the Sihanoukville International Airport, which is relied upon to see its ability increment from 3.6 million travelers to 10 million travelers before the decade's over. Through the circulation of the fundamental guide, Prince Group trusts that a helpful discourse can be set up between nearby networks and the engineers to guarantee a profitable long-haul relationship. Prince Group's ESG procedure has a three-prong center around medical services, instruction, and local area commitment. A year ago, the Group made a few huge scope gifts to help in the battle against the pandemic and help flood casualties in Cambodia. To date, the Prince Charitable Foundation Organization has coordinated in excess of 240 beneficent occasions and gave reserves and different materials worth more than US$11 million, profiting in excess of 320,000 individuals.